Suphia's Story

Suphia's Functional Foods

I never set out to start a business...

All I wanted was to take care of my own health. I had been plagued by bad digestion and acne for many years, and constantly had sudden fainting spells at home and on the streets. But even as I ended up in the hospital, doctors were not able to pinpoint the cause.

A few years ago, I discovered that it was MSG intolerance that was causing my constant lightheadedness and dizziness. For years, my body was always exhausted and it was hard to concentrate on my work and studies. This huge discovery led to the decision to cut out MSG from my diet. 

When I returned to Hong Kong and began working at an organic store, I learnt about gluten-free and dairy-free diets -- which inspired me to experiment with eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet.

I loved it.

Not only were my previous health problems completely resolved, but my brain ceased to be foggy and slow and I was constantly filled with energy! But with very little healthy choices on the market, my diet was not very sustainable.

I started making superfood bars for myself, snacking on them between shifts at the organic store. Piquing the curiosity of my regulars, I would give them samples, which they loved. Over time, more and more people asked me If I would sell the bars to them. Initially, I never took their comments seriously, but eventually, I started taking orders from individual customers - the business grew, and here we are! 

This was the moment I first set foot on my journey to revolutionise the local snack market -- with a vision to create food that does good to our bodies and our planet. 

I proudly call my bars “Functional Foods” because each flavour was created with a specific purpose in mind, founded in the wisdom of Chinese medicine and nutritional science. Every bar is tailor-made to every aspect of your life.

My very first bar - Cacao & Banana - was concocted as a pick-me-up in the middle of an exhausting day: for an energy boost and a renewed good mood. 

Over the years, I have diversified my product range - from KETO bars for Keto-inclined customers who have a hard time accessing unprocessed snack options in the market to power balls for athletes who need clean fuel on the go. 

Today, I hand make every single bar, ball, and cake with raw and organic ingredients, which frees my food of toxins and safely locks in the nutrients found in each ingredient.

It is my hope that the love I pour into my food will be passed on to you with every bite you take, and that you will be healed and gifted with inner peace. 

Happy Customers of Suphia's Functional Foods