Raw Vegan Cake: Cacao Avocado
Raw Vegan Cake: Cacao Avocado

Raw Vegan Cake: Cacao Avocado

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Where did the inspiration of this cake come from?

Because Suphia is dairy and gluten intolerant, she can never enjoy "normal" cakes from your everyday bakery or market. Instead, she began making her own cakes that are only filled with nutritious foods like, avocados, berries, nuts, seeds, raw cacao.. to name a few.

Please note: Each cake may be look different, as per the current season or inspiration of the day, but will taste the same -- and most important, that you are HAPPY and HEALTHY.


This cake is different with the normal cakes - our cake has loads of benefits for you!

It contains healthy fatty acid, proteins, calcium, magnesium, healthy carbs, and low in GI.
Each spoonful contains all of our love and blessings.

Avocado, cashew nuts*, strawberries, blueberries, coconut, coconut oils*, medjool dates*, Raspberries*, maple syrup*, vanilla*, Himalayan salt*, and LOVE.


- Gluten-free
- Dairy-free
- No added sugars

4 inch . 4-6 people

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