Open Sesame Raw Cake

Open Sesame Raw Cake

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Please order 1 week in advance. 

What's special about our cakes? 
It contains healthy fatty acids, proteins, calcium, magnesium, healthy carbs, and is low in GI. 

All the nutrients from our cake nourish your body!
Each spoonful contains all of our love and blessings.

-Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, no added sugars, no-bake. 


Organic toasted Black & White Sesame, cashew nuts, coconut cream, organic coconut oils, organic maple syrup, organic coconut milk powder, Himalayan salt, organic cacao butter, organic vanilla syrup, LOVE.  

$100 delivery fee for cakes. 

we might charge you extra if the location is far from the city. Will depends on the charge from the driver.

Pick up:
Free of charge for pick up at our Sheung Wan location. 

 PS. We don't make the happy birthday chocolate sign. 
(hope you understand that we make sure all we make for you is the best, but since we are not the expert of doing this so we won’t give you a chance to be disappointed.)