Powder Mix Of Red Berries有機芬蘭野生三種紅莓粉

Powder Mix Of Red Berries有機芬蘭野生三種紅莓粉

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芬蘭百歐奇超級漿果粉 - 紅色雜莓 150g


由新鮮有機北歐紅色漿果製成。成分:芬蘭有有機越橘70%,有機蔓越莓25%,有機紅醋栗5%。 由整個漿果製成。 一湯匙Biokia有機紅漿果粉混合相當於約1分升的新鮮漿果。 高纖維素。 沒有添加糖。 富含天然維生素E和鉀。將Biokia紅莓漿粉添加到酸奶,冰沙或烘焙食品中,每天享用漿果粉作為多樣化均衡飲食和健康生活方式的一部分適合一家大小享用。建議每天可使用2湯匙。一個包裝含有約10個每日劑量。




有機北歐越橘: 有助增加腸道健康細菌,對關注體重人仕。所含高濃度多酚,支持心臟健康。 


有機蔓越莓: 支持心臟健康,預防尿道炎,支持腸道消化,抗炎症,舒緩更年期症狀。













dl = decilitre(十分之一升)




Nutrition declaration 營養資料 

per100g / 100 

energy / 熱量

1482 kJ/355 kcal

Total fat 總脂肪 / Trans fat 反式脂肪  

1.3 g 克 / 0g克

- of which saturated 飽和脂肪/ Cholesterol 膽固醇  

0.1 g 克 / 0g克

carbohydrates 碳水化合物

58 g/克

- of which sugars 糖 

32 g/克

dietary fibre 食用纖維

25 g/克

protein 蛋白質

3.1 g/克

sodium 鈉


Vitamin E 維生素E

4.9 mg/毫克


potassium 鉀

550 mg/毫克 (28 %)*


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Suphia's Functional Foods are the cleanest and best foods to eat for my daily workout, as my afternoon snack or just when I want to reenergise!


Jodie W.

I love Suphia's bars! They are the best healthy foods in town.


Lorena C.

Not only are these beautiful bars all natural and vegan with no MSG nor preservatives, many of the ingredients are even certified organic! Good tastes do not have to come from artificial ingredients 😏



Suphia Food has some of the best, cleanest, and freshest vegan and/or keto bars available in the market. Suphia definitely understands how to make clean bars (I’m very picky with my ingredients) is constantly improving her recipe and she definitely has a passion for making the bars! Her bars are fresh, clean, healthy and unique 😍 and her cakes are very delicious as well ! I love most of her products and I recommend that you all give them a try!


Lana Nicole

I LOVE Suphia’s bars. They are the PERFECT meal replacement before 7pm basketball practices to keep me energised without feeling full 💪

Michael Parry