Functional Bars - Gift Box (7pcs)

Functional Bars - Gift Box (7pcs)

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We've lovingly handpicked our favourite bars from the full collection and wrapped them up into a beautiful gift box for you to give to your friends and loved ones. 

Functional Bars Gift Box includes:

Focus on what matters - Lion Mane's Mocha
- To keep you focused and energised throughout the season

I am totally Cacao-Nuts for you - Cacao Coconut Butter
- A healthy afternoon snack for those moments in-between your day

Spice up your metabolism - Ginger Spice
- Our *WINTER SPECIAL* flavour that only comes around once a year! A great way to warm up the body and soul, and comforting support for women's health

Who is the prettiest of them all? - Mixed Wild Berry
- A perfect way to boost your antioxidants and support your beauty regimen!

Hair shines bright like a diamond - Black Sesame & Almond
- Another beauty boost for healthy, shiny hair

Bet you can't matcha my energy - Matcha & Goji Berry
- High in antioxidants and a great energy boost for your daily needs

Don't worry, be happy! - Cacao & Banana
- Spread happiness with this mood lifter :)